Monday, 29 June 2009

Libertarian Party at 500/1 Norwich North By Election

So we start at 500/1, bloody marvellous, we are looking at this as the first real opportunity to get the idea over to the public that the State is bloated, unproductive and is bringing the country to its knees. With its twin parasite Corporatism in the form of the Banks sucking us dry, its about time that the simple idea that we are all free, it is not neccessary for this country to thrive by being over governed by people who are personally corrupt and think that spending vast swathes of our cash is normal.

My name is Thomas Burridge and I am eighteen waiting to go to University, I am the Libertarian Party Candidate for Norwich North.

Most sensible people will be saying what the hell does he know about anything- This is what I do know the last twelve years
of Labour has left my generation in massive debt, my generation will be paying off the excesses of the last twelve years for the rest of our lives,
not only my generation, by our as yet unborn children. Did we have any say in spending the rest of our lives in debt ? No we did not.

Currently the Tories and Labour are arguing about cutting a pifling 5% of our current bloated State spending. The LPUK are talking about
scrapping the whole rotten system, that has given us high personal taxes, squalid services, a corrupt Parliament and starting again.

I may not win this time, but I will be back in five years, and in another five years and in another five years, by the then guilty ones will
still be wallowing in their pensions or will be long dead, but the debt will be there.

I am from the Debt Generation only the LPUK has fresh answers from a new Generation.

It starts from here

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Dead Men Walking

In September The House of Lords will determine its decision on the ongoing OFT v All the Banks over unfair charging.( Last Chance for the Banks)

Listening to the commentators on the Banks Legal Team, 'They have given up' 'The Banks are dead men walking' 'The best they could come up with was the dire warning of what would happens to the Banks if they are compelled to refund all unfair charges going back to 1997 when the regulations came in.

If Labour are hoping that the economy is going to improve by the time of their conference, think again. The economy will implode as the Banks squeal for more of our money, and we collectively tell them to fcuk off.

Brown is already preparing his exit strategy, I am going to teach ! FFS

Between now and the Autumn , the Banks will be calling in loans, restricting credit,driving businesses to the wall- waiting for the Armageddon to come in September.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Thursday, 11 June 2009

And Then He Goes And Ruins It By Saying Restore The Authority Of Parliamemt

As much as I find Hague amusing and erudite, making Cameron look the twit he is, Hague ruins a perfectly good speech by saying we must restore the Authority of Parliament by having a General Election.

Two points Billy Boy, the People have the Authority in this setup, not Parliament. Parliament is only loaned Sovereignity by the electorate, that is the bit the 646 always forget, this sustains their arrogance and their theft. It sustains their view that only they can provide 'essential services'. Secondly it betrays that the Tory Party is still deeply Authoritarian at its heart and will never give way to Electoral Reform.

The two major parties have been caught with their collective hand in the Taxpayer's wallet.

Devolving all power apart from Defence and Foreign affairs away from Westmister is the only way forward, only when power is devolved closer to the electorate, will things ever change.

There is no service that is essential that cannot be done better and cheaper by anybody than by the corrupt,bloated inefficient State.

Westminster does not know how to do anything different to the way it is doing it now, until the 646 are brought to heel, nothing will improve or change.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ceau┼čescu At Least Had the Good Grace to Do A Runner

The reports and rumours of moves against Gordon in the next twenty-four hours are coming thick and fast. Falconer being the layest to put the boot in.

If and it is a big if Gordon goes, the Labour Party cannot 'appoint' another Prime Minister in another 'palace coup'. What sort of Constitution do we have where the people of this country are completly sidelined.

If I was a betting man, either Gordon is going to call an election so that he stays in post, or he will be replaced and that caretaker will have to call an election.

A second imposed PM is completly unacceptable.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Repeal Before Reform -- join the group

Are you on Facebook, had enough of politicians throwing their hands up and proclaiming "We can change, just give us one more chance, we'll reform the system..."

Does this sound like you? If it does you should join the Libertarian Party's Repeal Before Reform group on Facebook.

The group has been set up to demand the repeal of all draconian laws before any reform is enacted...
In the UK there is an urgent need to step back from the Police State and Big Brother government and return those rights and Liberties already lost to the public. That need has not gone away simply because politicians have been caught with their fingers in the taxpayer till.

LPUK drafted a programme of repeal of the draconian laws that are needed before we start messing with the constitution that we should all campaign for.

We must not let talk of reform smother or sideline the issue of lost rights. We must not let discredited politicians fudge and shape the agenda to suit themselves.

Repeal before Reform.

Join today and tell Big Brother where he can stick it.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

We Still Need Your Support With Donations

This Darien Government is now in freefall, an Election is sooner rather than later. We are hoping to put ten candidates forward in the South-East alone, and other are throwing their name in the ring.

The widget is now up and running on the blogs showing monies received since the appeal ten days ago.

We can only repeat the appeal for whatever you can spare.

Last year we set up a pledge bank in case of an Election. We would like to go down the same route again. The pledge will be called in on the morning that the GE is called.

Make your pledge at