Monday, 12 July 2010

Labour MP Fined £15000 By Brentford County Court for Being Lazy

Libertarian Party UK: Labour MP Fined £15000 By Brentford County Court for Being Lazy

A bone idle Labour MP was sued by a WWII veteran for failing to answer over 100 letters seeking help for compensation for three years wrongful imprisonment nearly fifty years ago. She was too bone idle spending the £660,000 she has received in the last eight years, to even attend Court. Judgement was entered last December.

She has now run squealing to the Court and had the Judgement set aside.

The Labour Party- the Party of the People, treating YOU and the Courts with total contempt

The allegations will fuel constituents' disquiet over her performance in the marginal London seat, which she holds by 4,411 votes.

The Brentford and Isleworth MP came under fire last year when she and her MP husband were dubbed 'Mr and mrs Expenses' after using £175,000 of public money to help buy a flat near Parliament, despite owning a constituency home only nine miles away.

Mr Taylor, of Hounslow, West London, said: 'I haven't asked for the Earth. I just want some assistance from my elected representative. But she is a disastrous and lazy politician who has failed to carry out her job.'

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